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AeroCare 24 Hour WorldWide Ambulance Service

Jan 25, 2007

Hopefully, you will never need to be medivaced to a hospital, but if the time ever comes, you need to be able to find a good service.  Finding a service that works internationally around the globe is even more difficult.  Whether you are vacationing and become very sick, or working as an expatriate abroad or just need to be transported to a different country for the right medical care, our new sponsor AeroCare provides air evac services that can get you or your loved one safely to your destination.

Their planes helicopters and vehicles are specially equipped for your health and safety and are staffed by trained professionals.  They have flight nurses and flight medics available and specialists available for critically ill patients.  They also provide air and ground organ procurement and recipient transportation services.

They are licensed by the Illinois Department of Public Health and can bill your insurance company direct if the service is pre-approved.  They can even work with you to help find the right services or plan to suit your needs.  They can provide quotes online ASAP, or by phone or even email if you utilize their online quote system, or call them direct through their 24 hour Air Ambulance Flight Coordination Center. 

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