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Pithy Python Does not like Dogs or Likes them too much

Jan 27, 2007

A 23 foot long python almost as long as a tennis court and as big as a tree trunk apparently doesn't like dogs.  The python ate 11 hounds that were guarding an orchard in Kuala Lumpur.

Some villagers caught the hounding pooch hater and tied the snake to a tree, which begs the question, how in the world do you tie a snake to anything????

Apparently the villagers didn't hurt the snake and eventually gave it to wild life officials that have a sister agency that is in need of a big snake to euthenize the plague of stray dogs in other parts of the country.

OK, I made that last part up, but you have to admit that it might be useful if this snake were allowed to exercise its talents . . .

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I really thank those people for not killing the snake. That is really a humanly act.

suri said...
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