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Thought this Article was pretty cool

Jan 26, 2007

I came across this article the other day titled "Paleozoic Shark Attacks Awashima".

The headline is a farce, but it was a good way to capture attention for a blog.  The cool part is the pictures of this shark.  I had actually seen a picture on CNN right before I saw this blog.

But check out the pictures of this shark that is rarely photographed as it swims 2000 feet below the ocean.

This video on YouTube of the shark is pretty awesome too.  It makes you wonder just how popular National Geographic would have been if YouTube had been in existence 50 years ago.

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Little bit of a misunderstanding here. The video does not show the shark swimming at 2000 feet (it is pitch black below 1000 feet or so). This particular shark came into shallow waters, which is quite unusual given it lives at greater depths normally, and that is where it was filmed.

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