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If Ben and Jerry's Sold Flowers

Jan 6, 2007

And a word for our sponsors . ..

What would the world be like if Ben and Jerry's hadn't sold ice cream, but instead had opted to sell flowers?

Beyond Blossoms provides fresh flowers imported from flower farms from all around the world, and they like to think of themselves as the Ben & Jerry's of flowers, offering great deals on the standards like roses and also providing flowers that are harder to find.

Beyond Blossoms founders Josh Grossman and Gina Maschek recently provided a this release on their flowers.  Their site offers a rewards program that allows buyers to earn points from buying flowers.  These points can be redeemed with free flower purchases from their website. 

We welcome Beyond Blossoms as one of our sponsors and encourage our readers to consider bookmarking their site in preparation for Valentines day or any occasion.

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