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Las Vegas a Bums Fantasy Fulfilled

Jan 11, 2007

Few people will argue that southern California, Florida and Hawaii are some of the nicest places in the United States for bums to live as the weather is warm most of the year round.  With warm weather many of life's other necessities can be maintained a little easier.

This last week I travelled to Las Vegas where I found that there is something else available to bums that also helps them cover life's necessities even though it only keeps them warm temporarily.  You see in Las Vegas every street corner has one if not more newspaper stands containing a half dozen stands each.  These stands are not filled with such lofty papers as the New York Times or Wall Street Journal or even the LA Times.  It doesn't even usually have a Las Vegas newspaper.

Instead these stands hold stack after stack of advertising publications listing all of the potential adult entertainment and escort services a person might ever conceive of complete with graphic pictures.  Plus, on many of the busiest corners, especialy on the strip, bums and many Mexican immigrants (mostly men and a few teenage boys) pass out baseball card size pictures of exotic dancers and strippers. 

Many residents and even a few residents have learned to turn a blind eye to the pornography on every corner, but for bums they get something that few other bums around the country do and its free.

The bums of Las Vegas get all the free masturbatory material they could possibly ever wish for in ten life times.

The pornography literally litters the ground.  Bums could easily cover themselves up at night and sleep on piles of pornography.  Not too many bums anywhere else in the country can make that claim.

Now I did look long and hard for an area in Las Vegas that did not contain this material or these stands and I was actually able to get two pictures of two areas devoid of the ads, but its very likely that street sweepers had recently been through . . .

These are pictures of the Hilton and a Vegas Wedding Chapel.  Neither had visible displays of porn stands in front of them, but the stands were not far away, just a few more feet in the case of the chapel and less than a half block or right across the street in the case of the Hilton.

This makes Las Vegas the most jerk off friendly capital of the world for bums, and probably for just about anyone else that stops by or lives there too!


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