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There's Poop on my Heelies

Jan 4, 2007

For anyone that has a kid in the seven to 14 year old range, you probably know what Heelies are.  For everyone else, its basically a pair of sneakers that have a single wheel in the heel/sole of each shoe.

So when people wear them and put their feet inline with each other they can run / walk / skate around.  You go to the malls and you are likely to see kids skating from store to store, they are all over the place.

Well over the holidays, my son's wearing his Heelies everywhere and playing outside with his cousins.  The collective family has brought their pets and we have 7 dogs playing outside in the yard. 

Dogs will be dogs, just like kids will be kids and of course the regular dropping of crap rapidly littered the lawn.  Kids being kids, just like the aforementioned dogs being dogs, rarely look where they are going when they are playing and on more than one occasion we heard the words you do not want to hear after you hear your kid walk-stomp through the door and into the house.

"Mommm, there's Poop on my Heelies!" whines my son, wearing said heelies and standing inside in the middle of grandma and grandpa's brand new floor. 

We would have all mentally slapped our heads if we weren't busy mentally pinching our nose and acting like dignified adults that wouldn't do something so childish like physically pinching our nose.

So we send the youngster, my progeny, outside to clean his shoes of with the hose.  My hope in the future, is sometimes shaken by events such as these, not because it happened once, but because it happened multiple times.

My son is smart, but Bill Cosby pegged it best, there are times when he is "Brain Damaged!"

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