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Diapers on a Fish

Jan 28, 2007

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Now I may complain about having to put diapers on my Beagle, but that is nothing compared to having to put diapers on a fish.  Fortunately, fish spawn and don't exactly go into heat like dogs do, so I won't have to worry about that scenario anytime soon.  I do worry about is how to find the fish.

I am just not any good at it any more.  When I was a kid I had kind of a sense for where they were, but as an adult I don't spend as much time on the water and just don't have the feel for it anymore.

Fortunately, our sponsor at NortheastMarineElectronics has just provided a new press release covering all of the great electronics that are available for water enthusiasts.  They have high tech GPS chart plotters and Garmin Marine electronics, depth finders, even Fishfinders!  So I don't need to keep my extra sensory fish perception in high gear, I just need to troll around and keep an eye on the fishfinder.

Maybe a little more fishing will give me time to recuperate mentally from having to change my dog's diapers.

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