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My Mental Age

Jan 24, 2007

So I took one of these stupid quizes that are supposed to give you insight into yourself and found half the answers completely irrelevant but gave it my best shot and ended up with this crap.  :)


I think the worst question response was something like

Driving is:

  1. the greatest freedom
  2. the funner the faster you go
  3. follow the rules or get off the road
  4. a way to get somewhere effiiciently


The answer should have been, one huge pain in the ass if you live in a metro area of the US.  There's nothing free or fun about driving 20 miles per hour in gridlock traffic and that sure isn't effiicient either, and rules who the hell follows rules in bumper to bumper???

Another badass quiz from eSPIN-the-Bottle...

What’s Your Mental Age?

MY RESULT:Twentysomething

Like a young adult, you’ve got a pretty mature perspective on the world, but you still know how to have fun.

Congratulations! That's a fine perspective of the world to have. Just don't get too carried away and start drinking cappucinos and listening to Jack Johnson.

Take This Quiz!

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