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Could You Convince a town to Rename itself after your Internet Company?

Jan 26, 2007

Just how good of a motivational speaker would you have to be to convince a town to rename itself after your internet company?

You'd have to be prety fantastic. Don't get me wrong you won't see Atlanta renaming itself to There's Something About anytime soon, but Mark Hughes was able to convince Halway, Oregon to change its name to He later went onto work as a successful VP of Ebay and now he is touring as Buzzmarketing, marketing speaker.

He has a book out too, and if even a fraction of his capabilities can be learned, then that would be a pretty useful book to read or speaking event to attend. Probably is more interesting and informative than an entire semester of lectures at college on marketing too! So check out Mark Hughes, we like him so much we have picked him up as a new sponsor!




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