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When Spring Break Is Spring Broken

Apr 6, 2007

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Sometimes bring break is broken. This year might just be one of those years for me when spring break was broken. The week started off warm and sunny and is quickly getting very cool verging on cold and windy. I've been working all week to Spring break this year as well which never helps. As spring gets your sometimes you just need a break, but this year it just wasn't in the cards for me to take a break.

That means next year I'm not have to double up on my spring break recovery effort. (Codeword: I'm have to spend money!)
I don't like to spend money; you might even say that I'm cheap. However it does not bother me to spend money if I know that it's going to be used in a way that will help me do better in the future. Re charging on a regular basis throughout the year as a necessary component to being able to work very hard. I do believe in the work hard play hard relax hard mantra.

Next year I think I will probably take the kids down to Orlando. Our youngest will be close to three years old at that point in time and we should be old hat pretty fun family vacation. Fortunately to my connections with several sponsors, I now know where to find good deals such as good deals on Orlando hotels through our sponsor In fact they just sent me a release today reminded me of how much money I can save with them on spring break, summer break and Christmas vacation.

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