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'I Told You So!' I'm Not the Father of Anna Nicole Smith's Baby

Apr 10, 2007

Larry Birkhead is.  DNA tests have confirmed with 99.99999% accuracy that Larry Birkhead is the father of Anna Nicole Smith's baby, sorry OJ.

This bizarre paternity suit is probably going to get a little stranger before it gets anywhere near normal.  Coming up on Friday the judge will set back down and start to look at the issue of custody of the little girl conceived by Anna Nicole Smith and Larry Birkhead.  And I'm sure 30 seconds after that they will start talking about the money.

Larry Birkhead could hardly contain himself, and probably for very good reasons as the press talk to his lawyer after interviewing him on the door step of the courthouse in the Bahamas.  You look like you wanted to jump up and down and shout,"YES!  I DID IT."

And at times even seem to break into a little bit of a dance, I'm not kidding he did.  The whole Anna Nicole Smith and has been completely bizarre and the spectacle on CNN this afternoon is even stranger.  CNN was interviewing an attorney for the man that owns the house for Anna Nicole Smith and her partner and attorney Howard Stern lived in prior to her death and which Howard Stern and her daughters live in today.

He described how his client's brother had broken into the house at Anna Nicole Smith's direction to steal laptops and other information which were then handed over to the South Carolina police to hand them over to the Florida police.  Why he didn't give them to the authorities in the Bahamas is rather strange.  The brother of the house owner is not facing any charges, and the owner of the house once his house back.  Apparently he's only providing the house for the baby right now and that probably won't last long now that the paternity issue has been stated.

In light of the fact that Anna Nicole Smith's son died in the presence of Howard Stern, and Anna Nicole Smith died in the presence of Howard Stern, and it's now revealed that Anna Nicole Smith's daughter was not the daughter of Howard Stern, it would seem that Howard Stern did potentially have a motive for murder.  With that in mind it seems rather strange that the issue of custody would be delayed three or four more days.  Isn't that inconceivable to think that the babies actually in danger right now?

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