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The Carnage of Silver Coinage

Apr 29, 2007

A word for our sponsors . . .

Our sponsors the Monex Deposit Company sometimes referred to by their acronym of MDC want you to know that they can provide you silver coins!

Seriously, they offer many types of precious metals from silver, to platinum to gold.  They offer it in many collectible forms from ingots, to coins to bullion and according to their latest press release now is a good time to buy.

I would probably wait just a bit longer as Silver just hit a new high and you never want to buy on the highs, but as soon as it drops, it might be worth looking into the futures markets.  I always recommend that you buy precious metals according to their market rates.  Unless you are a coin dealer, I do not recommend buying coins based on their collectible value.  Silver is going for about $14 an ounce which might help you ball park the value of any offers you might find.

Note.  I'm a writer and I just liked the title, it has nothing to do with anything other than alliteration.

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