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Concert Season for the Reunion Groups

Apr 18, 2007

A word for our sponsors . . .

This is going to be an interesting year for reunions of mega rock bands.  The Police have come back together which is probably the biggest reunion of the year, but in addition bands such as Journey and Genesis are also touring.

Now you can bet, that tickets for these groups are going to sell out.  That's just a given there's so much pent up demand to see these groups that the tickets just won't last long.  There are many places you can turn to do by tickets for your average bands, but when the tickets sell out one of the best resources to turn to his Ticket Liquidator.

They have access to a large number of sold out concert tickets that are unavailable elsewhere.  They have tickets available for The Police in Denver and in Seattle for upcoming concerts in June.  You can even get tickets for The Police Experience in New Jersey.  Ticket Liquidator also I tickets for events that aren't sold out covering many different entertainers from Taylor Hicks to Christina Aguilera and more.

Regarding The Police, I would recommend that you buy tickets early and to early shows at that because I have a suspicion that they will probably break up towards the end of the year when they get fed up with each other again!

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