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Preparing to Make the Advertiser How to Video

Apr 2, 2007

Julia from Just Julie fame tipped me off that there was a growing problem for advertisers looking to advertise the payperpost.  Now I am an advertiser and a blogger in this area and so I'm going to make a video to share with other advertisers that will enable them to walk through the process of advertising on payperpost.

As a consultant in this area in a way I'm giving up some of the trade secrets.  However I do think this will help the community and the industry advance a little bit further and it might even spur payperpost on to create their own videos.  They definitely have a production quality as they generate a rock startup show all the time but they haven't seem to be able to harness their video capability to create a how-to tutorial to show their own customers how to do business with them.  I guess that's how rock startup works.   ;)

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