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Racing Around Like Crazy

Apr 29, 2007

I have been racing around like crazy this weekend trying to get caught up on a number of things.  I launched a new division of my company about 13 days ago, and have been devoting 20 hours a day to the new launch.

This weekend I have been working to catch up on some of the things that have slipped through the cracks, primarily my writing. Yesterday, I was able to write about 8,000 words on various topics for my various blogs, and today  I will probably double that.  Plus, Google is going through another update and it looks like several of my sites will get a nice boost, but I could have helped that along a little more if I had written more over the last couple weeks.

My momentum on these others sites is a little off so instead of jumping in PR 2 points I'm only going up by 1 point in some cases..

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