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Don't Ask Don't Tell Secret Prisoner detainee Bill in the Senate

Sep 18, 2006

Some new reports are out that the silling is mullying over a compromise in legislation to resovle conflicts amongst Republican leaders.

Last week Ex- Secretary of State and four star General Collin Powell made headlines by writing a letter to John McCain complaining about the Bush Administration's goal to alter the Geneva Convention.  Many ex war veterans in Congress quickly joined ranks to fight against the President, who served in the guard but had no war experience in the early 1970's.

So now it appears that a compromise modeled after a Clinton era legacy may bring these two groups together.

Its Don't Ask Don't Tell 2.0 now aimed at not asking and not telling about everything from Secret Prison's, torture, prisoner's of war, detainees and any one that generally pisses off the White House administration for anything. 

Administration officials are reportedly trying to win the hearts and minds of 'people who have committed their own lives to our destruction."

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