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The kitchen sink but not everything else

Sep 15, 2006

There are a couple things that can make or break the value of your new home. Kitchens and Bathrooms. Both areas can be very expensive to perform a complete overhaul. I know from first hand experience having refinished too many kitchens and bathrooms.

However, you can get a lot of bang for your buck, by replacing the kitchen sink itself. An old kitchen sink is sure to tip off a potential buyer that your kitchen is a bit outdate, while a new kitchen sink and hardware can frame up your kitchen as possibly a little retro with all the modern conveniences ( I can just hear my realtor talking now!)

Sure you could go down the street to the local home center and pick up the basic sink from their selection of 6 or 7 basins, but this is the age of the internet. You can have almost any sink available. Why not pick the sink that's perfect for you.

Now if you aren't certain about styles or matching to other items in the kitchen, you can never fail by opting for a stainless steel sink. They will go with anything and can last a lifetime.

If you are looking for something a little trendier, you can add an entirely new dimension to the look and feel of your kitchen with a copper sink.

Take some time too to make sure you know what size of a sink you need, where it will fit and install correctly and then think practically about the depth of the sink, how it will fit with your disposal unit, make sure you have the right depth on the sink that will allow your disposal to fit underneath and still make all the connections for the dishwasher and anything else work.

Two last points. When you let up your faucet put the hand held spray nozel for rinsing dishes on the right of the actual sink and the nob to turn on the water on the left. Most people are right handed and will want to reach for the spray with the right hand (lefties I'm sorry but when you are selling your house go with the averages.)

If you get things mixed up during the installation, take your time undo it and fix it!

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