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Sep 26, 2006

I woke up this morning and had a great idea.  I should setup a website and devote it to all things comedy.  I could even host reviews of comedy shows, tapes, dvds and even do some interviews with comics.

I was thinking this would be great, I haven't seen anyone do that before.

So I started tooling (too - ling v. -As in to Tool see also Latin. Maximums Tooliuttumus) around the internet
and found a comedy site that does all of those things already.  - MENTAL HEAD SLAP!

I think my favorite section was their MP3 Review pages. I listened to several of the reviews and they were not only on the money but they were entertaining as well.

Ah well, that would have been a lot of work anyway and since its already been done, might as well enjoy the fruit of someone else's labor!

I guess I'll keep plugging away at ComedySoapBox and maybe someday end up doing something with Comedy Central.

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