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PETA Handpicks Their Battles for Roaches

Sep 25, 2006

Those extra nice People at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals group are handpickin their battles to help the cock roaches.

They are upset with Six Flags. Six Flags parks are offering their visitors a chance unlimited line jumping privileges.

Why is PETA upset about cutting in line at Six Flags?

The visitors have to eat a live Madagascar hissing (as opposed to screaming) cockroach.

Now PETA could have chosen a many other companies to protest. Just today a report came out of Vietnam about Beer Drinkers that pony up to the bar to drink beer and eat deep fried crickets. Its not just an occassional cricket like the single hissing roach at Six Flags. Vietnam farmers are growing thousands of crickets and selling them to bar owners, where the crickets are dropped into boiling oil by the hundreds.

Does PETA have a soft spot for hissing Madagascar Roaches or a bias against Vietnamese Crickets?

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