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Why do I need all the gadgets in the world?

Sep 19, 2006

I'm an electronics and gadget fiend.

I use techonlogy throughout my life to help me do more, have more fun, relax more, get more done, get things done faster, more efficiently, more effictively and many more things.

I'm always cycling through old gadgets and bringing in new gadgets.

Whether its on my person, in my office or when its an in car audio systems, I've got gadgets that will get things done.

I don't like to frequent online stores or even physical stores that have a limited selection. I want to have access to almost everything that's available. That's why I like Fry's in the states and Dixon's in the UK. They carry just about everything in almost every product category. I don't want some corporate buyer limiting my decision to his or her top 3 products. I like to make my own choice for my own reasons and find my own price. After all isn't that waht the internet is for, getting any gadget, any day any where at anytime?

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