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Colleen's Raising Links and Money for the Walk!

Sep 18, 2006

My Friend Colleen from PPP is working hard to raise $2200 for the Susan G Kowen Breast Cancer Foundation. Colleen's going to walk 60 miles in 3 days.

She's asked for support from fellow PPPoster's and I offered the challenge that for every PPPoster that provides a link to Colleen's site 3 Day Mom and to my Site Maven Mapper's Information that I will offer not only a link back myself, but will pledge $2 per pair of links to our sites up to $20.

I have a feeling this is going to go very well and it is a charity and I'm feeling more charitable by the minute, so I think I may increase my pledge as things progress. . .

I didn't mention it in the original offer, but I'm providing links back myself from both my Maven Mapper's Information site and from There's Something About Harry in my sidebars and from this article/webpage also.

Here's a list of the great people that have already acted and linke to us!

  1. Cass Knits - Thanks Cass!

  2. Journal - Thanks Sandra!

  3. Whatever I feel like Thanks Amy I had you linked before, but added you in this post and at Maven Mapper's!

  4. Ankit's Life And Technology Reviews @ NSIT Good luck on Exams Ankit

  5. Clover's Blog

  6. Whisper's from the Past
  7. Lady Nova
  8. Stuck in Elmo's World
  9. Mae Synchronicity
  10. Tor's Rants
  11. Julie's Journal
  12. Marcus Williford
  13. Starring Jo

  14. Who's up next???

If I missed you or your blog, please leave me a comment and I'll get right on it!


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3 Gabbles(comments):

yeah , i need some luck , these midsems are cruel

Tikna said...
7:05 AM  

how come in the blog page its coming posted by harry ?

some problem with the template i think or dunno

Tikna said...
11:35 PM  

No problem with the template at all.

My middle name is Harold, Harry for short.

I leave clues about the name throughout the blog on occassion, and here is another. :)

Kind of my fun attempt at an alter ego.

Unknown said...
12:12 AM  

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