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Here’s a gem of a Rip-Off Situation

Sep 18, 2006 is one of those websites that specializes in taking in lots of consumer complaints, rants and raves about everything under the sun. Some company does you wrong or gives you a hard time or accuses you of shoplifting powertools off the sidewalk, send in a complaint.

Here’s the rub, companies and people are complaining that the complaints at are sometimes either bogus or they have not been verified. These people and companies are accusing ripoffreport of something similar to extortion or slander or something.

So it makes perfect sense that if you have a company that is setup to take complaints about you or your company, and that company is itself either not on their game or not on the up and up, you are going to have to fight fire with fire. So now there is a group that has just issued a release that is working with these people and companies to bury Rip-Off Report ‘s search engine listings further down the results line with top search engines.

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