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Man Jumps off a bridge for twenty bucks

Sep 20, 2006

Let's say you are walking along, and you decide to count the cash in your pocket.

You keep walking, you're counting. You happen to walk across a bridge as you are walking and counting.

A breeze starts to blow as they often do on bridges and suddenly the blowing turns to a billowing gust and one of the twenty dollar bills you are counting is blown out of your hand and over the side of the bridge.

What do you do?
(note. the Bridge is on a US highway and its 50 feet over a river)

If you are Mark Giorgio, you jump over the side and go after the twenty bucks, and that's just what he did. He didn't catch it on the way down like a hero out of the Matrix or something. He hit the water and had to swim about a hundred yards down river before he got his hands back on his money again.

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