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There's Something about a Sour Shirt

Sep 14, 2006

Every now and then I have an important day that comes up, one that I'm eager to tackle.  Sometimes this day prompts me to plan in advance what I'm going to wear, what I'm going to say and do, how I'm going to set things up.

My planning of wardrobe, usually involves a quick review through my closet and dresser of 'What's available?'

Sometimes it a concious decision not to wear this shirt or those slacks or these jeans planning for wearing them in a couple days.  Today was one of those days that I'd been planning on.  I was expecting to wear a particular shirt for a meeting I had scheduled for lunch.  This was a casual meeting and I was planning on wearing my PC Magazine "Last Gadget Standing" t-shirt underneath one of my nicer dress shirts with some jeans or something.

Shooting for that casual yuppie/techie suave look.  Don't get me wrong, I don't care that much, but can execute well when I'm trying.

So I get up this morning, Early around 9:30 am.  I get cleaned up showered and groomed.  I reach for my t-shirt and put it on and BAM like an astonished Emiril I'm hit with the sour odor of a shirt gone wrong!

Every now and then I'll wash a load of clothes.  I'll get distracted and forget to put the clean wet clothes into the dryer fast enough.  The clothes might sit ther for a few hours even over night sometimes.  When I go to get them out of the washer, they sometimes smell a little musty, so I put an extra fabric softener in the dryer and hope for the best (If they smell really musty, I just add soap and wash again.)

This shirt must have been one of those hope for the best episodes that didn't get nicked fast enough.  I wash all the clothes and dry them, my wife folds them.  That's kind of the deal we have.

I can't fold clothes to her satisfaction and she can't keep up with the laundry in a timely way so it works for us.

The quality control function sometimes misses a few things as was the case here.  She didn't receive the heads up memo that there might be a problem with some of the clothing in dryer load xyz_2006_09_02 and just folded away without putting her nose to the close.

So the shirt sat in my dresser for an extra week or so and probably got worse.  I had to run with a different shirt, and when I get through with my meeting will probably have to empty that drawer of contents and wash the entire batch.

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