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The Death of Adsense

Sep 14, 2006

I read an interesting ebook mentioned on Chris Sandberg's blog. He blogged about the ebook The Death of Adsense.

The eBook describes the decline of Google's Adsense program over the last approximate 10 months. As a blogger and publisher I try and keep in tune with this area, and as is obvious do run Adsense on my own sight. While I'm not at liberty to give details about my own earnings, I can say that lately they are not covering the cost of my site here (and its hosted for free!).

I suspect that there is something to the argument being made, and intend to dig a little further into the issue.

If you're a blogger or publisher, I'd be curious to hear about your experiences over the last year or so. Are revenues up or down???

From a stock holders perspective, it would seem that if revenues are down, then revenues for Google would be down as well. They are putting together a number of high profile deals, so it might be possible that this grass roots decline hasn't impacted the bottom line or that the merger growth is obscuring the grass roots decline if it exists.

Are we looking at The Death of Adsense? I guess we'll know for sure when all the ads disappear. Poof!

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