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Are you Affilliated?

Sep 25, 2006

I've been on the affilliate bandwagon for sometime now. I've made a little over a thousand dollars in affilliate related transactions, but I've never found a great fit.

I write on many different topics on several blogs and design several different websites. I do need to pay the bills and I accomplish this in part through affilliate marketing programs.

Today, I signed up with a new affilliate program called ModernClick. They belong to a CPA Network (Cost Per Action).

A CPA campaign is basically one where a website earns money when a visitor clicks on a link and completes a form or signs up for a service on the other side. This is sometimes referred to as Cost Per Lead, however in traditional cost per lead campaigns the sign up process may be very simple.

ModernClick also offers Cost Per Click, which pays a website owner when someone clicks on a link or Cost per sale that pays someone when someone clicks a link and buys something on the other end. This is a very popular aproach for Amazon as an example.

ModernClick pays by PayPal every month on the 15th of the month and they have a minimum payout of $25.

If you have a blog or website and are looking for ways to monetize that site (make money)then I'd recommend trying them. You can use this invitation to get signed up and started. - Make Money!

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