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Getting vertically Blinded with wood blinds

Sep 1, 2006

I'm starting to finally get that home improvement itch back, and hopefully this condition will escalate to a full on set in of home improvement energy!

I need to tile my kitchen, paint a bathroom and tile it, and replace the blinds throughout the house. The house currently has vertical blinds in most of the rooms. They are about ten years old and made out of plastic and made during a time when vertical blinds were made with the kind of quality that exists today.

We have a lot of wood in the house and lots of trees, so I think I want to make the investment and install wood paneled veritical blinds.

I'm still debating on whether or not to put horizontal wood blinds in some of our smaller windows. I prefer the horizontal blinds because I can keep them cleaner, but if I do go with horizontal blinds I'll definitely go with wood.

I've purchased blinds from Lowe's before, but it never fails that when I get the blinds home the instructions are inadequate. I'm sure Lowe's would love to sell me some $30 book or something, but as I was browsing through Guaranteed I did find some additional installation directions for several styles of blinds.

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