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Real Estate on the Brain

Sep 20, 2006

I'm originally from Illinois. My family has been in the real estate business for more than 50 years there. I've studied finance, taxes and even real estate.

I've moved all around the country and lived in 8 different states in the last 16 years, so I've had a bit of personal experience in real estate. For people considering the Chicago area in particular if you are looking at Bolingbrook Real Estate you should review options with NewCastle Realty Group. They cover seven counties, 211 towns and specialize in many individual neighborhoods surrounding the City of Chicago.

Many areas of Chicago itself are being reclaimed and many areas of the suburbs are still growing at a very steady pace. The Chicago area is not going through a bubble. It's just growing.

Many predictions estimate that within the next 20 years a highly technical and populated corridor stretching from Chicago down through the burbs all the way to Peoria and up from St Louis will connect to create a large inter connected mass of communities similar to many areas of California. Similar projections show corridors like this growing from Atlanta through Greenville to Charlotte North Carolina and the Phoenix to Tucson corridor is rapidly filling in with a recent addition of a 35 square mile sub division(just one sub division).

It's more important than ever to get good advice and support from your realtor when you are making a move or relocation. Its been my experience that if you suspect your getting less than stellar service from your realtor, you need to switch realtors immediately, preferably changing realty companies. Your future home is too important to risk with a firm that's not doing a great job.

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