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Finally setup a Skype Account

Sep 10, 2006

Well I did something today that I've been meaning to do for almost 2 years.

I set up a Skype account! Last Christmas we gave my brother-in-law and his wife a skype phone for Christmas and he set it up and has been using it. They are moving to Australia from San Diego this week and so they bought Skype phones for the rest of the family so that we can talk with them internationally on the cheap.

Skype lets user call regular phones for free, which is pretty cool. So now I have my wife's family setup on skype to skype lines and my family setup to call their home phones from my skype account and its all free!

So I'm pretty stoked to have one more thing ticked off the good intentions list! ( I also mowed the grass, bought a new grill, and ordered a dedicated server for my new political website "No More Incumbents!" which is currently under construction.

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