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Sep 17, 2006

There's Something about a Wiki when you are trying to get feedback about travelling. Wiki's are excellent places to store knowledge on the internet compiling impressions from many different people and condensing it into an edited refined objective perspective with a significant amount of detail and often times personal experience.

So it makes sense that if you like to travel like I do, you want to be able to find a place that gives you good information about where you are going or where you might go. What better way to figure this out than through essentially an objective customer review edited and refined by tens, of hundreds of thousands of people.

It makes sense from a busines perspective as well. A travel company could spend a fortune on ads and copy to convince someone to travel somewhere, but a good objective review of a destination by many people that have been there can give a person the insiders view and the personal connection necessary to make the buying decision emotional and immediate. Today, travel and tourism wiki's are becoming more and more relevant and definitely a resource that should be considered. I wouldn't drive across the country without a map and usually one that's been printed. I wouldn't travel either without doing at least some research on my destination and a wiki is a great place to start

Plus, the person that travels today, can come back and refine the wiki a little bit more thus making it a living document that grows and improves over time, aging with the destination in some ways even.

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