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It doesn't take a RateGenius to save money, but it can help

Sep 22, 2006

If your SUV loan is squeezing your wallet, you should consider refinancing your vehicle. Sometimes when you buy a car or SUV from the dealership, you think you are getting one deal and before you know it you are out the door and the first couple of payments roll in and the monthly amount looks OK.

But then you look into the details of the loan and realize that the dealership set you up with a variable rate loan or a large balloon payment at the end of the loan or a number of other schemes that dealerships use to get you out the door.

All of a sudden the financing part of the deal doesn't look so hot. When you find yourself in a bad financing deal, you should take steps to fix it immediately. Refinancing, selling or trading in the vehicle are all ways to start to get things fixed. Rate Genius offers Auto Refinanceoptions and will help you shop for a better rate or financing deal. They also offer other options like extended warranty plans and more.

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