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Death of Adsense - Out with the old in with the new?

Sep 14, 2006

I wrote an article a day or two ago about an ebook that predicted, well named the date when Adsense started to die.

This article has prompted a lot of discussion about the future or past of Adsense. Some people are claiming that Adsense doesn't earn publishers what it used to earn them and in my article I mentioned that this should be hurting Google's bottom line as well if true.

I've also been talking a lot about the programs to make money through PayPerPost.

The PayPerPost model seems to offer in some cases a deeper stikier product than adsense. It gives a deep link from one website to another loaded with context about that site. It does this for what used to be considered rather cheap Adsense rates, and the potential for fraud is a lot lower.

From my own perspective my earnings from PPP's program have been far superior to those of Adsense. However, I am looking at things holistically.

My Holistic Blogging Results
The more articles that I write, the more readers I attract on various topics and this in turn is good for all the way around. My Adsense impressions are up as a result of writing more articles. My page rank is up a full point in the last 30 days.

I'm getting paid on the front end from PPP and I'm getting paid in a style similar to an annuity on the backend from Google and other advertisers. I think Adsense's glory days may be ending and PPP's just beginning, however it would seem that both work to help each other very significantly.

They both provide a valuable service to the internet in their own way. Google delivers contextual advertising in a wide and shallow way and PPP provides it in a very direct and deeply targeted manner.

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