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Country Hippy Legend Willie Nelson cited for Marijuana on a Bus

Sep 22, 2006

Less than a week after Toby Keith appeared on the Colbert Report and talked about how terrific Willie Nelson's dope was. Willie "the dope man" Nelson's bus was pulled over. Willie and several passengers including relatives were cited for possession of drugs (marijuana).

Police found the smell of dope 'unavoidable' after the early morning pullover. They noticed the stench as soon as the bus driver opened the door.

Police only found 1.5 pounds of pot and two-tenths of a pound of magic mushrooms.

Seventy-three year old Willie must have been getting off to a slow start since he didn't have very much dope or as much as many celebrities have recently claimed.

Several celebrities from Johnny Knoxville to Toby Keith have recently publicly commented about how strong Willie's dope is.

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