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Where to Travel in India?

Sep 24, 2006

Someday soon, I'm going to travel to India. I have many friends that live in India or that are originally from India and I've always wanted to see parts of the country.

That said, my international travel experience is paltry at best. So I turn to my trusty internet skills to start investigating the potential destinations and where I might stay when I get there.

Inasra, which is the combination of two words Indian + Asra, which loosely translates to Indian Shelter, offers hotel and lodging information on hotels in cities all over India.

The City of Alleppey located in Kerala offers six very interesting looking hotels.River Side Retreat - Alleppey The River Side Retreat is a family guest house operated by the owner's family, which looks great in the picture above.

Or if you want European luxury in a Kashmir setting there is the Hotel Broadway in Srinagar.Hotel Broadway in Srinagar in the State of Kashmir

Or maybe if you are looking to try an interesting setting in Goa but you are looking for an American branded hotel (for some reason ;) There is The Holiday Inn Resort Goa. Quick jibe about The Holiday Inn aside, this is a five star resort located on Mobor beach.

They all look fascinating to me, however, I've always held the desire to travel to the Kahsmir so for a vacation that will probably win the day. For business, I'll probably end up in Bangalore first!

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