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There's Something about dipping your hands in boiling Oil!

Sep 18, 2006

So I've chronicled some local problems with home invasions, and I've been very active with the neighborhood watch and even had the electric company out to install a street lamp today.

Well I'm not in this alone.  The fine people of Rajasthan India have problems with stolen rice and wheat.

Unable to figure out who the thieves were, the village elders passed a diktat that required 150 men to dip their hands into a pot of boiling oil to retrieve a copper ring.

The logic behind this was that if they refused they must be guilty (and smart enough not to dip their hands in boiling oil).

Apparently, either one third of the group was either smart, guilty or guilty and smart as they refused to put their hands in the oil.

The other 100 men complained to police, who arrested the village elders!  It makes me wonder if those village elders might be interested in moving to the US, I suspect that they might be able to find some city council work in New Orleans.

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