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Treasure Hunting Riddles with Trumalia

Sep 6, 2006

I took some time out today for a brain teasing hunt through riddles. If you've seen the movie National Treasure with Nicolas Cage or read the book by Dan Brown called the Davinci Code or if you've even been around long enough to read The Illuminatus Trilogy, you might have some fun tracing the trail of Riddles and answers with Trumalia's online search engine.

These are not necessarily easy riddles, but they many are very old so a practiced riddler may get a good work out. Upon solving a series of riddles, the surfer/player is presented with a coded image. Zoom in on the image and pick out the portion of the codes you can find, then go back to the next series of riddles and repeat until you have compiled the code for the entire message.

The codes are set weekly, so you have seven days to put the code together. There are forums to discuss the problems with others and more. All in all a very entertaining way to utilize the internet and search engines.

I followed the riddles through one chain to be presented with a painting by Philip Hermogenes Calderon. I would show you the painting, but that would give away the code, so you'll have to find it yourself if you are curious . . .

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1 Gabbles(comments):

Hi Harry..there's something about...
...riddles I found reveal alot. They can also reveal to you a great deal about the person 'solving' the riddle.
It is with this in mind, and the fact that the person answering may have just HEARD IT BEFORE, that I created my own riddle.
A RIDDLE (for those that dare), that is so simple, a child has gotten the answer, and yet so complex, ONLY a child has gotten the answer.
In fact, after having a JUDGE in the UK, ban me from his blog altogether just for leaving this offer...Which leads me to thinking it was also so difficult, it left the judge without any makes me realize why Jesus said to go forth as a child and not to judge.
I hope you enjoy.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown

Ancient Clown said...
6:06 PM  

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