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My Fall Home Office

Sep 11, 2006

Its fall, the air conditioner is off and I'm working from the front deck.
Now I don't know if I've mentioned it lately, but I LOVE my job, my work, my business and my writing.

For those of you that only visit me here at Something About Harry, let me offer a few details.

I work from home. I am a business developer, web designer and freelance writer.

I write for almost a dozen or so blogs now, and this compliments my web design and business development consulting business.

For years, I worked in the corporate world, I have two bachelors degrees in Accounting and Finance and a Master's in Laws focussed on International Taxation.

I took a vocation vacation last fall when my former employer started making threats against my life and that of my family.
My former company was a company held by multinational corporation held by a multinational trust and more corporate shells than can be held in the ocean.

I became a whistle blower and they fired my ass. That was one of the best gifts I've ever received. Not because they 'gave' it to me, but because I had a wake up call when it happened.

I stopped working for other corporations and started working for myself.

I had always worked long crazy hours - 12-20 hours a days sometimes. Instead of channelling that energy into a corporate monster that didn't care and underutilized my abilities, I now channell every waking hour into improving myself, my business, and my customers business.

And last but not least, I keep my motivation high by writing freelance for myself and for others and this allows me to express my creative side and keep my imagination running at full tilt, which is essential to my youthful look, energy and down right sexiness. ;)

PS If you happen to be a law enforcement official or a hungry prosecuting attorney looking for an easy target, give me a ring.

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