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There's Something about Profit Analytics

Sep 20, 2006

What's better than sitting back analyzing your profits? Maybe sitting back analyzing your dream home, or yacht or your Scrooge McDuck like money vault?

All kidding aside Acorn Systems posted an article about their profit analytics software. They offer a suite of products that work together and can be linked to a companies legacy systems and databases through a combination of SQL Server 2005 and an OLAP.

What's and OLAP? It's an acronym for on Line Analytical Processing. Think of it as a server pre-programmed to ask your database or datacube to be more precise 90% of the questions and queries that you could ever think to ask it, before you ever ask it. So that when you do ask a question its already got the answer fast and ready to spit out for you almost instantly.

Its kind of like keeping an entire floor of accountants working in the backroom in a synchronous way to generate the answer on spreadsheets for every thing that happened in the last quarter last year, or forecast what is happening now or going to happen next.

To put it another way this is the type of tool that will flaten society and put small and medium sized companies on par with fortune 500 companies running million dollar hyperion systems.

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