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Seventy-Five Thousand Home Improvement Shows

Sep 18, 2006

If you do a Google Search on "Home Improvement Shows" you'll probably get a result of about 75,000 listings for shows.  That's a lot of websites about shows. 

Back in the hey day of double digit interest, shows like This Old House started up but never really gained a massive following. 

Then Interest Rates dropped down to virtually nothing for a while and along came Trading Space, Ty (Tyger Burton) Pennington and Paige Davis.

Before you know it everyone is trying to figure out how to transfor each room in their house for less than a grand and not succeeding.  In the real world things cost a bit more than one grand per room, but hey it made for great TV.  Almost as great as giving away free homes to people that are so far down on their luck that it would even make President Bush shed a tear.

I'll admit I was sucked into these shows just like the rest of the country.  I'm in the middle of a bunch of projects and probably will continue to be in the middle of a bunch of projects until I sell my home.  :)

I keep harping on my need to finish my kitchen, but I've got some old windows in the house.  The thermal pains are losing their seal and I need to get somereplacement windows. There are somethings I'll tackle myself, but most of my windows are on the 2nd and 3rd floor, and I don't like working high up with glass. Mostly because if I drop it then I'll be mad at myself. So for windows I'll try and find someone that is good at installing replacement windows.

If they drop a window, I'll make sure they are bonded, insured and that I don't pay for it until its installed. :)

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