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Oh no, My Kids at a Wedding!

Sep 19, 2006

I was reading an interesting release about wedding favors and they mentioned in the release that a lot of times when people are planning for weddings they attempt to doll up the kids or even bring them into particpate suited up in mini tuxedos and gowns, but the kids only go along for the ride so far.

They often get disenchanted with the ceremonial scene and sometimes even the dinners and party and everything else. Now for me, when I go to a wedding I like to go for the dinner and party afterwards, and I do everything I can to try and talk my wife out of bringing the kids. However, if its family especially close family, I'm going to lose that fight nine times out of ten.

So I was reading the article and they poited out a couple great ideas like one setting the kids up at their own kid friendly table. Tykes get crayons and macaroni and cheese plus chicken fingers, and offer up a kids movie for them to watch. I've even seen some weddings where someone rents or uses a hotel room just to hold the kids and they bring in a baby sitter and get everyone to RSVP for their kids need for a sitter.

Even teens will probably be more comfortable with a table not with the tykes but with kids, pre-teens or teens their own age. Now when they get to those later teen years its anybodies guess so you better ask them. And just in case your a teen after my own heart, forewarn the bartender about who the teens in the room are. No point in getting anyone hurt or in legal trouble when everyone is supposed to be having a good time.

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