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There's Something about Doogie

Sep 16, 2006

A lady in Pennsylvania that is apparently an animal rights do gooder, got a call from a few people talking about a dog, Doogie, that had been abandoned (left at home chained to the ground) for several days.

The dog was not moving and appeared  to be suffering from several problems.

The lady went to check it out for herself and found the dog suffering and unable to move.  She took lots of pictures and some videos and then took the dog to the vet to get some care.

The same people that called her had called the local humane society upon the ladies advice but the humane society didn't act.

She was arrested and had to post $50,000 bound to get out of jail.  She states that she over heard the chief of police threatening to shoot her in the ass if she ever helped his own dog.

So if you think that Doogie deserves better, add something to your blog and forward this on so that this Doogie doo goooder can get some community and morale support!

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