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Posture Chair

Sep 7, 2006

I sit and sit and sit and type and type and type and I end up slumping.  I work out and eat well, but all the sitting and slumping is getting to me I think.

I've tried a number of different chairs.  I try and stand up and type at a counter on my laptop.  I use pillows and more.

I legs, feet and rear end fall asleep and none of this is good for my circulation or heart.

I've been looking for a better posture chair but couldn't find one on wheels that is until today.

Now in addition to helping with posture it also helps relieve pressure from your coccyx or tailbone. Its got a little recessed area in the padding where your rump rests that allows for your tail bone to have a little more waggle room.

The chair itself won't help you type better, however it will allign your body such that when you naturally lift your forearms and hands, your arms and wrists will automatically be in a natural position that will reduce the risk of typing injuries.

For anyone that writes, types, or does data entry, its very important to get out of bad ergonomic habits that might harm your body permanently over time.

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