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He's not going to pay a lot for that Breast!

Sep 22, 2006

A man in Helsinki suffering from dimensia sued a woman and her boyfriend for bilking him out of $32,000, the total of fees she charged him for fondling her breasts on ten occassions.

That's $3,200.00 per touch, or $1,600 per hand per occasion.

There was nothing special about the woman's breasts per Yahoo, but I have my suspicions. I suspect that either there was something strange or maybe this guy was just cheap and changed his mind later. Obviously, this ruling could if it ever migrated to the US could pose a problem for strip clubs, where men change their minds about the value of this type of thing the next morning after their hang over wears off and they start adding up the ATM and credit card receipts.

The courts ruled that the amount was too high based on normal life experiences, but would not rule on an appropriate fee.

So now I have to wonder if he will get all of his money back, or what ?

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