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Stolen SUV left in front of my House Part 1

Sep 14, 2006

I've been super busy with lots of things lately, but one of the hard things is a lot of strange shit has been happening too.

Two morning ago, I went to bed at 2am. At 5am my neighbor woke up when a loud car entered the neighborhood on the street behind her. The loud car came up our street and parked in front of our house.

It was dark but she wask looking out the window watching (we've had some break ins in the neighborhood so we all watch a lot now.)

She saw two men get out of the SUV and walk off down the street. She phoned the police as the truck was in front of my house and she could tell it wasn't yours truly.

The police show up 15 minutes later and start shining search lights through the yards and streets. At 6:15am they tow the SUV away and we don't hear any more on the subject from the police.

To finish the story see Part 2

If this is at all interesting, please note that Part 2 is better, but Stolen Van Lady Goes to jail is even further out there.

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