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Soccer's back

Sep 7, 2006

Not only is school back in session, but all the extra curricular items are back in full swing. My infant daughter is still taking physical therapy two days a week. My middle daughter is taking ballet lessons for her second year and just started gymnastics three weeks ago.

My son's first night of soccer practice started tonight. This is his fifth season, and his second fall season.

This season he's on a new team with a new coach and a new bunch of kids. He seemed to do pretty well tonight, but the first 40 minutes or slow he was kind of slow and was starting to revert back to his younger days when he used to skip around and break dance in the middle of the field.

Once he snapped out of it, he was hustling all over the place and did pretty well.

The mania of too many things going on is starting to creep into our lives again though! Its not bad, just makes for fast times.

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