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Leaving the Land Line Behind

Sep 1, 2006

Around four in the afternoon yesterday, I was working on my computer at the island in our kitchen. The laptop was running on the battery and the power cord was unplugged as an Ernesto lightening storm was going through the area.
My front yard out the window across my living room about 20 feet form my work place, a lightening bolt struck one of my trees. The bold must have arked (sp?) a bit because I saw a static strand of electricity come through my window and strike a Winnie the Pooh toy in the toy basket on the floor of the living room. The toy got a little smudge mark on it, but immediately lit up and starte playing the recorded message, "Why hello there, How are you? Let's start counting . . ."

The charge also took out the phone line through the TiVo that was there. :(

So my phone is down and the phone company wants $90 for a service call to fix it, so I'm going to take the plunge and switch over to VOIP through my cable provider. I mostly use my cell phone for all calls anyway so VOIP is just extra for when the cell phone gets dropped in the toilet, a story for another day.

So I'm shopping around and looking for information on VOIP and came across a useful Vonage forum. They have over 30,000 members and lots of information on services, offers, how-to and more.

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