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Crazy Deliveries

Aug 30, 2006

A couple years back, I chopped down my deck and burned it up in the fire pit. Well actually, I've been burning it in the fire pit for the last two years and just finished burning it last Saturday, but that's not the point.

We took down our deck off the front of the house. It went up to our main floor on the second story of our house about 10 feet off the ground or a little over 3 meters.

I left the landing at the top of the steps attached to the house and put a railing up where the stairs and rest of deck had been so that the dogs and kids would not take a step into free fall.

The Christmas after I took the old deck down we found a package on the landing one day shortly before the holidays. Some delivery driver, might have been Fedex, might have been USPS or UPS or whatever, had taken the box and thrown it 15 feet into the air, up and over the railing, to leave the parcel on our landing, instead of simply leaving the parcel on the ground by the ground level door.

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