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Caricature of My Son and I from Six Flags this weekend

Aug 14, 2006

So after going on every ride we could hit yesterday, we decided to get a picture drawn of us to cap off the day. We had to wait in line for about an hour before it was our turn, but we were pretty well finished by that time anyway. There were three people in front of us when we got into line, but that wasn't very obvious for the first 20 minutes. Things looked promising until one of the people in front of us had to have their own drawing restarted after the airbrush gun malfunctioned and splattered black ink across a painting 99% done.

In the end we were both happy with the picture and it did cap off the day perfectly!

This picture of the picture is a little washed out due to the flash from my camera as I tried to take a picture of the picture in my son's room while he was sleeping and the room was dark. :)

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