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Snakes in a Movie Theatre watching Snakes on a Plane

Aug 23, 2006

A number of news organizations are reporting on two rattlesnakes found at a movie theatre in Arizona. One rattler was in the theatre preparing to watch Snakes on a Plane and the other was found out in the parking lot, which is not to uncommon for Arizona.

The news is trumpeting the possibility that a prankster set the snakes loose for the showing of 'Snakes on a Plane' but some authorities are refuting the prank saying that the snakes slithered to the theatre on their own.

Both reports sound like the making of an urban legend. No one is refuting the fact that the snakes were there, just on how they got there. I didn't plan on seeing the movie before and with the potential for some jackass to let a rattler or viper or something loose in a theatre its a slam dunk certainty that I won't go now.

As for the possibility that a pair of rattlers slithered to the same theatre and one decided to go into the building and happened to make it into the theatre where snakes on a plane was showing, well that doesn't sound like a coincidence to me. I could understand the snakes showing up in the parking lot, but not getting into the theatre just so that they could here Samuel L Jackson say his $36 million dollar line, "I've had it up to mother fucking here with these mother fucking snakes on this mutherfucking plane" Leave it to Samuel Jackson to make the word motherfucker into the yada yada yada of this decade

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