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Catching up on Things

Aug 8, 2006

I've been pretty busy lately learning Macromedia Dreamweaver and redesigning web sites, optimizing them and learning new skills. I purchased Studio 8 a couple weeks back for Dreamweaver and Flash and for the Photoshop tools. Last week I ordered a Studio 8 Total Training video and its supposed to arrive via UPS sometime today. Its been sitting 8 miles away in a UPS warehouse since 10 am yesterday morning, I requested 2 day delivery, but for some reason UPS doesn't count weekends, so they are sitting on it an extra day! :(

I've been pretty busy with a couple rants and lots and lots of comments and Comedy Soapbox, so if you haven't caught up with me there recently make sure you click on the Comedy Soapbox link in the sidebar. More to come soon . . .

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